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RV Classified graphic and link to link to website.

Share The Dream graphic with linkt to website.

Graphic of The Motorhome Brokers with link to website.

Graphic of WAFCS with link to website.

TMWG builds websites that are smooth working, works of art.

History and Portfolio


 At left, are just a few of my current and past endeavors that I have chosen for display. Each graphic is a link to their actual site. Below is a little history of each.


Share The Dream

This was a volunteer project to help raise money for a special playground at Elvehjem elementary school.

The Motorhome Brokers

Since 2002 I have designed and handled webmaster duties for The Motorhome Brokers.

In 2011, I took over webmaster duties for the Wisconsin Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (WAFCS)

On The Lighter Side

TMWG Search Page
Built for fun and my 22" Monitor Graphic of TMWG Search Page and link to page.

TMWG Sports Links Page
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Graphic of TMWG Sports Links Page and link to page.


 Sometime around the early 90's I became interested in computer graphics. I began doing fliers for a local car wash in exchange for car washes. During the early years of the internet I also began creating webpages and one was for advertising my computer graphic wares and services. Of course not knowing much at the time about getting site recognition, it sat there for a year before a young man who liked my designs found it and emailed me asking if I thought I also among other things re-design his fathers website. (RVClassified). Allan Day Jr. at the time was an RV salesman for a well known Florida RV dealership. He handled the internet duties of taking pictures, doing write ups and uploading the data to the internet. Unhappy with not getting extra pay for extra duties he quit and formed his own company. He would offer RV dealerships a packaged deal; keep their inventory current on the internet and a new website. I would build and maintain their website and he would make weekly trips through out the state of Florida.Thanks to Allan Day Jr. I have had the opportunity to design and maintain many of Florida's largest RV dealerships including RV World of Nokomis and Lakeland, Bates RV and Harberson Swanston to name a few.
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