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Designing Websites Since 1995

Designing Websites
Since 1995

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TMWG builds websites that are, smooth working, works of art.
Thomas Murray

I like to start things off at $350.00

This is what I call my basic web price. It can be more or less depending on a number factors. A basic web is approximately four or five properly coded pages with text, graphics, a flash or two, a simple form if wanted, good meta tags and more. As with all sites I build, I spend many hours studying your company's business on and off the internet to learn the best way to present your company online.


I have found through the years that it is usually beneficial for both parties to split the agreed price into two payments. The first half when the site is half finished and you are in agreement with the design and direction it's going. The second payment upon completion and your satisfaction of the website.


I am always interested in the possibility of a trade for services or products.For those in the Madison WI area I have autos, appliances, electronic equipment and other various items in need of repair and service.


If it is an all volunteer project or drive, give me a call and I will lend an ear if I think it is something I want to be involved in.
Thomas Murray

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